Tucson Airport receives $ 31 million from pending federal infrastructure bill | Business news


Passengers enter the security checkpoint in the B-hall at Tucson International Airport. The airport is said to receive $ 31.7 million from pending federal infrastructure spending bill of $ 1 trillion.

Kelly Presnell, Arizona Daily Star 2018

The nearly $ 1 trillion federal infrastructure spending bill going through Congress would help Tucson International Airport stay on track with its massive airport improvement project, with nearly 32 potential new funding Million dollars for TIA.

The Infrastructure Investment and Employment Bill, awaiting House action after the Senate passed in mid-August, would allocate $ 25 billion to airport and air traffic control infrastructure spending, including $ 15 billion over five years to improve airport infrastructure.

According to an infrastructure funding distribution formula, Arizona airports would receive an estimated $ 348 million over five years, including $ 31.7 million for Tucson International Airport and $ 217 million for Phoenix Sky Harbor International Airport.

The Tucson Airport Authority is likely to use its infrastructure grants to support its ongoing Airfield Safety Improvement Program, a $ 300 million program that will include building a new, parallel main runway, upgrading taxiways, and easing the Access for the Air National Guard includes agency spokeswoman Jessie Allen called.

Work on the taxiways should begin in October, the new main runway should go into operation by 2023 and the entire project should be completed in 2024 or 2025 – largely depending on the steady release of federal funds.


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