Three district projects receive more than $ 1 million in government funding | Local news


The Commonwealth Financing Authority has awarded more than $ 1 million in grants to three Indiana County transportation projects, according to Senator Joe Pittman, R-Indiana, and Reps. Jim Struzzi, R-Indiana and Brian Smith, R-Punxsutawney.

One project will affect East Mahoning and Rayne townships, another will be built in Washington Township, while a third will serve as an access road to 119 Business Park in Center Township.

They are among the 100 new project approvals from CFA, as announced by Governor Tom Wolf on Friday for environmental and infrastructure projects in 38 counties in Pennsylvania.

The CFA’s total commitment is more than $ 10.4 million.

The CFA was established as an independent Commonwealth agency to administer Pennsylvania’s stimulus packages.

This agency has fiduciary responsibility for funding programs and investments in the economic growth of Pennsylvania.

In Indiana County, East Mahoning Township received a $ 500,000 grant to upgrade 2.79 mile Pollock Road, 2.57 miles in East Mahoning Township and 0.22 miles in Rayne Township.

The three territorial lawmakers said the work to be done includes replacing cross pipes and replacing underlines to improve pavement drainage, as well as renewing the road and rebuilding the stabilized hard shoulder.

“The redevelopment of Pollock Road, a former state-owned turnback, is long overdue,” said Pittman.

“The road is very busy and is often used by agriculture.”

Smith said the infusion of new infrastructure investments there and elsewhere in the county “will also result in safer roads, less congestion and more convenience for motorists”.

The project is expected to have a total cost of $ 668,472 with additional funding from East Mahoning Township ($ 159,874) and the Indiana County Conservation District ($ 61,729).

“I am confident that East Mahoning Township will invest these funds appropriately to significantly improve safety, access and mobility along Pollock Road,” said Smith.

The most expensive of the three projects will receive a smaller portion of CFA funding, a $ 367,500 grant to the Indiana County Development Corporation to build an access road within the 119 business park.

“The project is focused on stimulating economic development in the area, but the business park currently lacks an access road to the lower 14.39 hectares (its) 25 hectare property,” said Pittman.

“In conjunction with the $ 1.5 million PIPE (Pipe Investment Program) grant granted earlier this year to provide natural gas access to this site, we are preparing it for future development.”

The total projected cost for the access road is estimated at approximately $ 1.025 million, with $ 499,997 from the Appalachian Regional Commission and $ 157,500 from the Indiana County Development Corporation.

Washington Township has also received a US $ 200,950 grant to rebuild Redding Run Road in Phase III.

“Driving on Redding Run Road in Washington Township is a rough ride due to poor drainage in heavy rain and the general condition of the road surface,” said Struzzi.

“This grant will fund the third and final phase of the project, which began last year and is undoubtedly welcomed by residents of the rural communities who use this access road frequently.”

The total cost of Phase III is expected to be $ 287,072, with Washington Township contributing $ 86,122 to the project.


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