State is considering commercial property on Mountlake Terrace / Edmonds border for work release facility


Location of the proposed work approval site.

The Washington State Department of Corrections has identified a commercial property in the 7100 block of 224th Street Southwest as a premier location for a work release facility.

That comes from a press release from the City of Mountlake Terrace, which says there will be opportunities for public engagement for the idea in the future.

In 2019, lawmakers directed the Washington State Department of Corrections to identify locations for additional work clearance facilities in various regions of the state, including Snohomish County. Such facilities “act as a bridge between prison life and community life,” the correctional agency said on its website. “In detainees’ release, the focus is on transition, including finding and maintaining employment, treatment, reconnecting with family members, developing life skills, and developing productive members of the community.”

The identified location for the facility is at 7125 224th St. SW in Edmonds along the Interurban Trail on a dead-end vehicle access road from 22th Street Southwest in Edmonds near Ranch 99 Market (see map). It formerly housed the Seabrook Dental Laboratory, an independent manufacturer of dentures and therapeutic equipment.

State law requires cities to house “essential public facilities” such as work clearance facilities, and Mountlake Terrace allows this type of facility under conditions in the light industry / office park zone, the city said in its announcement / Although the Department of Corrections made in At a meeting this week it was stressed that no decisions have been taken and that a public process involving stakeholders is ongoing. The department’s next move would be to meet with the Mountlake Terrace Community Development Department to discuss the location and usage and possible conditions.

If the site becomes a viable option, state law requires the Department of Corrections to conduct a public hearing that includes notification to all addresses within half a mile of the site.

For more information on the state’s work release program, visit And see here next week for a follow-up story with more details on this suggestion.


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