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SAN ANTONIO, September 30, 2021 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) – Rackspace technology® (RXT), a leader in end-to-end multicloud technology solutions, today announced the latest Solve ™ Cloud Talk podcast Rackspace Technology announces that the technology industry must learn from its past with Wyndham Hotel Group EVP and CIO Scott Strickland.

The podcast covers how the tech industry often talks about innovation and forward thinking. However, it is just as important to build on the lessons of the past and leverage the knowledge of industry veterans with a wealth of experience.

On the latest installment of the Cloud Talk podcast, Scott Strickland, EVP and Chief Information Officer at Wyndham Hotels and Resorts, joins Rackspace Technology’s Chief Technology Evangelist Jeff DeVerter for a discussion that highlights other key lessons learned from a 30-year career, including:

  • Why the technology is moving so fast means Change management is more important than ever
  • How companies fail if they don’t adapt and instead keep things going as usual – on new systems
  • How partnerships enable companies to move quickly with urgent infrastructure changes
  • How inventive use of data can promote innovative products that meet user needs
  • How growing a culture of innovation and seizing opportunities keeps your company competitive

Strickland also underscores its belief in cultures where systems come first – companies interested in innovating and investing in technology to position them optimally for the future. “When I came to the Wyndham Hotel Group, the company was going through a digital transformation,” says Strickland. “It took someone to scale that vision and lead the team. This led to a phase of consolidation that released innovations – because this innovation did not have to take place across different platforms and systems. “

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Rackspace Technology is a leading end-to-end multicloud technology company. We can design, build and operate our customers’ cloud environments on all major technology platforms, regardless of the technology stack or deployment model. We work with our customers at every stage of their cloud journey so that they can modernize applications, develop new products and deploy innovative technologies.

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