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Job overview

Mark R. Yoo Architect PLLC is a small but growing commercial design company. We are looking for a junior architect project manager to strengthen our team. We’re a small company and this is an excellent position for junior architects or designers interested in learning a full understanding of all aspects of the design and construction business.

Responsibilities and duties

The tasks include architectural design and construction documents, product research, budget and schedule creation, and construction project management. Junior architects are typically assigned to a project from the programming phase and are involved in the project as the lead architect and project manager throughout the programming, design and construction phases, including significant customer exposure and interactions.

Qualifications and skills

We are a 100% REVIT office, so applicants with REVIT experience or knowledge are an advantage. In addition, applicants with experience in construction or construction project management are valued. Applicants should have 2-5 years of relevant work experience as an architect, engineer or construction project manager. All applicants must have a vehicle, a valid and current driver’s license and be able to visit construction sites regularly.

work environment

We are a relatively small architecture and construction company with a tight group of architects and construction personnel committed to delivering high quality projects. The office environment is casual and open with a high level of collaboration designed to help young architects develop their skills and knowledge in order to develop them into highly qualified licensed architects. We regularly host company sponsored lunches and learn on a variety of topics. Junior architects are encouraged to learn and ask questions, and it is a general policy of the company to increase talent with the intent to provide a high level of training and development from within. We value your long-term goals for your architectural career.

Considerations for COVID-19:

All members of the company are either taking COVID-19 precautions or are vaccinated.

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