Pelosi spokesman delays vote on infrastructure law


WASHINGTON – California spokeswoman Nancy Pelosi said Sunday evening that the House of Representatives would vote on a bipartisan infrastructure bill worth $ 1 trillion on Thursday, giving Democrats more time to reach consensus on President Biden’s vast domestic package .

The vote will be hours before the state funding – as well as the important transport programs mentioned in the Infrastructure Act – should expire on October 1st, so that the legislature has only a low error rate.

Ms. Pelosi pledged to vote on the law by Monday last month after a group of centrist Democrats threatened to vote against a budget necessary to get the party’s $ 3.5 trillion signature for the Enforce social policy and climate change law unless they were promised a quick vote on the infrastructure measure passed by the Senate last month.

But progressive lawmakers have vowed not to support the Infrastructure Bill until Congress implemented the $ 3.5 trillion plan to provide huge new investments in education, health, childcare, paid vacation, and climate programs. This package has yet to be completed.

Ms. Pelosi’s announcement that the House of Representatives would pass the infrastructure bill later that week reflected the difficulty of the task Democratic leaders face as they feverishly seek a compromise to advance Mr Biden’s agenda.

“I never come up with a bill that doesn’t have the votes,” Ms. Pelosi said Sunday of the infrastructure bill in This Week on ABC.

Mr Biden and members of his cabinet huddled with lawmakers over the weekend to get the two bills across the finish line, according to a White House official familiar with the discussions.

With a wafer-thin majority, Ms. Pelosi can only lose three votes in favor of the social policy plan, and the Senate Democrats hope to push it through with the accelerated budgetary process known as reconciliation in order to protect it from a filibuster. House Republicans have urged their members to oppose the $ 1 trillion infrastructure package so more than a few defectors can slash that bill.

Pramila Jayapal, Democrat of Washington MP and chairman of the Congressional Progressive Caucus, promised again on Sunday that liberal lawmakers would not support the infrastructure bill unless it was accompanied by action under the $ 3.5 trillion plan.

“The speaker is an incredibly good teller and she knows exactly where her caucus is, and we really made that clear,” Ms. Jayapal said on CNN’s State of the Union on Sunday. “The voices are not there.”

But Rep. Josh Gottheimer, a Democrat of New Jersey and a leading centrist in the House of Representatives who negotiated with Ms. Pelosi, said the progressives had made an empty threat.

“It’s an important part of the president’s agenda,” Gottheimer said in State of the Union. “I just don’t buy at the end of the day that people vote against it.”

In the Senate, Democrats will also consider an emergency spending package on Monday, which is needed to avert a government shutdown. Republicans who object because they contain laws that would remove the federal government’s borrowing limits are likely to stall the move in a procedural vote. The bill was only passed with a democratic vote in the House of Representatives.


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