Opinion letter: Bucyrus City Council, time to clean up the mess


By June 20, 2021 9:06 pm

Time to clean up the mess.

It’s time to move on. Bucyrus is a wonderful community. We have an attractive city center and great community organizations that are doing good in many different directions.

The deeds and behavior of our city council president are a disgrace to everyone who lives in this community. It’s all about him and his need for control and power. Let me tell you what a parishioner he is and what he has done to our fine citizens.

A little over 2 years ago, a group of us began work on our 200 year year and celebration of this event. Sue and Denny Norton, descendants of the founders of Bucyrus, started with a significant donation to kick off our fundraising campaign. Other companies have further expanded this fund.

We made the decision from the start that we wanted to spend most of the money on old projects that would last for many years to come. One of the ideas was to clean up the Freddie’s restaurant property and the old ice cream factory area as it was the biggest eyesore in downtown. Our current city council president, who was running at the time, got wind of the idea.

He quickly made an offer and bought the Freddie Restaurant property from us for $ 12,500.00. He eventually offered to sell it to the Bicentennial Commission for $ 50,000.00! The problem is that the country is in a floodplain. FEMA will not allow new buildings to be built on this land. If a building were to be built, it would have to stand on 6-foot stilts! A park is an ideal and best use of this land.

Our good citizen Tim Lutz, who kindly sold the ice plant property to Norton Bicentennial Inc. (a non-profit organization created to develop Norton Bicentennial Park) for what he paid to purchase this property. He was finally able to buy the old Freddie’s restaurant property for $ 30,000.00 from our council president. Tim was gracious enough to sell the Freddie property to Norton Bicentennial Inc. for the same amount. Hats off to Tim, there is a real community member!

In the meantime, our current Council President has not only made a profit of USD 17,500.00 that he has personally made available to our good community and the two-century donors. He made an additional $ 5,000.00 on an offer from an outside developer for a non-refundable down payment on the same property. Little did the developer know you couldn’t build on the property until they did their due diligence. Needless to say, the developer lost their deposit. Talk about being fooled in listing the property.

That says all you need to know about who our President-in-Office looks after himself. Bucyrus City Council members should NOT override the mayor’s veto. Mayor Reser is right in every way why he vetoed the law.

We lost a good city council official to one person’s action. It looks like we are lucky enough to be able to fill this position with a qualified applicant. This person works on behalf of the councilors for the city council, not for the council president.

In addition, Bucyrus City Council must also use its power and have the courage to take the necessary measures to rid our city of the embarrassment we have endured over the past 18 months. All because a person needs power and control and it is NOT the mayor!

With best regards,

Fred Fischer


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