Government shutdown and vote on infrastructure law in Congress: live updates

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White House Press Secretary Jen Psaki declined to consider Senator Joe Manchin’s $ 1.5 trillion in sales for a reconciliation package or private discussions during Thursday’s White House briefing, and for that we leave the Senators speak as Senator Manchin did earlier today. “

“The President sees it that this is an ongoing discussion, an ongoing negotiation. Here’s what we know We know schedules helped make progress. We have seen that in the past few days. We know that compromises are inevitable. We have seen that in the last few days. And right now we are clearly in the middle, “said Psaki.

Earlier Thursday, moderate Democratic Senator Manchin made it clear that $ 1.5 trillion was the price he would accept for his party’s plan to expand the social safety net. Manchin said he told President Biden that this was his number, and Biden said he needed more than that. “I was in no way, shape, or form a liberal,” Manchin said. “I’m ready to go from zero to 1.5 (trillion).”

Pushed by CNN’s Phil Mattingly to fill the huge gap between Manchin’s proposal and the proposed $ 3.5 trillion White House price tag, Psaki adopted an optimistic tone, saying, “I think the president will consider this to be the last Days and more, his view is that we have made some progress. You saw some members come down, you saw some members come up. You have seen active negotiations, he obviously worked hard with you himself. “

“And what we are clearly seeing is an agreement on the need to achieve this, be it the Infrastructure Bill or the Reconciliation Package, which has important priorities for the president,” added Psaki.

Psaki wouldn’t say if Biden planned to stay in Washington this weekend, telling reporters, “We take hour after hour here to make a decision and decide what is most needed.”

“So when it comes to what’s going to happen this afternoon, we’re open, he’s available, he’s on the phone this morning, he’s open to visitors, he’s open to places to visit, but we’re going to make those decisions, hour for an hour so the weekend is a bit gone, but I tell you this is the president’s top priority, ”she said, adding that the White House“ is working towards a framework that can uncover the infrastructure ”. vote later today.

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