Everything for God: Woman asks family to bury her alive for Lord Shiva. to please


The next day the woman decided to take the “Samadhi” to appease Lord Shiva (Representative Image). | Photo credit: iStock Images

Key highlights

  • A woman in Ghatampur, Uttar Pradesh reportedly asked her family to bury her alive
  • The woman wanted to take “samadhi” to appease Lord Shiva

Kanpur: A 50-year-old woman from Uttar Pradesh is said to have used samadhi to please Lord Shiva. The woman asked her family members to bury her alive in a pit in front of her home. However, the woman was rescued in time after the police were informed.

The incident occurred on Wednesday in Sajeti, Ghatampur region. The woman was rescued and taken to a community health center for treatment.

Woman saw Lord Shiva in her dream

The late woman was identified as Gomti Devi. Devi was married to Ram Sajeevan, a disciple of Lord Shiva. On Wednesday morning, the woman told her neighbors and family members that Lord Shiva had come in her dream before the Mahashivratri festival.

The next day the woman decided to take the “samadhi” because she wanted to appease Lord Shiva. The woman’s family members dug a four-foot-deep pit in front of the entrance to her home, where she often performed pujas. The times of India reported.

Spectators sang bhajans when the woman sang samadhi. took

The woman stepped into the pit and her family members put a cot on it and covered it with mud after Gomti sat in the meditation posture. The local people who witnessed the incident offered flower petals and started chanting “bhajan-kirtan” while the woman was taking samadhi.

However, some villagers objected and called the police. District Officer Ghatampur and the SDM arrived at the site about four hours after the woman was buried and excavated her.

SDM Ghatampur Arun Srivastava said: “She is being treated at the CHC and the doctors are monitoring her condition.”


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