Agricultural wall and roof panel alternative offers sanitary facilities without impairment


Ag-Tuf® sheets used in an assembly plant

Ag-Tuf® corrugated PVC lining sheet

Ag-Tuf® corrugated PVC lining sheet

To address hygiene issues, Interstate Plastics now offers wall and roof alternatives to metal panels and wall cladding systems in agricultural environments.

With its high chemical resistance, Ag-tuf® can be cleaned regularly with aggressive sanitary chemicals without losing its high gloss. “

– Christopher Isar

SACRAMENTO, CA, UNITED STATES, July 15, 2021 / – Easy-to-clean and odor-resistant roof panels are essential for farms and other agricultural or industrial facilities, including meat and food processing plants. Developed for these industries, Ag-Tuf® Corrugated PVC sheets for walls and roofs are an excellent alternative to Metal AG sheets and other wall cladding systems. Ag-Tuf® The panels have tongue and groove edges that allow them to fit together for easy installation and an overall smooth surface.

Ag-Tuf® has remarkable chemical resistance that allows regular cleaning with harsh chemical detergents necessary to maintain a hygienic environment in dairy, poultry and fish farms. Its high chemical resistance means that the panels retain their white, high-gloss appearance for years and make them Ag-tuf® Panels a preferred alternative to metal roof panels in industrial environments where chemical and corrosion resistance are critical.

Ag-Tuf® is characterized by high resistance to gases and odors emitted by animals, which makes the panels suitable for areas where cattle or other animals are kept, which often give off undesirable gas odors in the event of fire is Ag-Tuf® The panels are assigned to fire class A depending on the panel thickness.

Ag-Tuf® Corrugated PVC sheets are rust-proof and resistant to abrasion and scratching, so they can withstand repeated daily knocks and potential liquids from livestock, hoses and sprinklers and retain their appearance. Ag-Tuf® has excellent light reflectance values ​​that prevent light from being absorbed and areas remain brightly lit.

While regular Ag-Tuf® Panels are best for indoor use, Ag-Tuf® UV can easily handle outdoors and in corrosive environments. A UV coating makes it possible to withstand harmful UV radiation and avoid the yellowing that occurs over time due to UV damage.

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